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Playlists in Centova Cast provide convenient groupings of tracks and control exactly how and when those tracks will be broadcasted.


Four playlist types are currently available:


General Rotation

General rotation playlists are the most common type of playlist, used to play a random selection of media from your library when no other, more specialized playlists are due to be played.



Scheduled playlists are used for scheduled broadcasts such as daily countdowns, "top 10" lists, pre-recorded shows, and similar content.



Interval playlists are used for station identification, advertisements, and other similar repeating content that needs to be played every few minutes or after every few tracks.



Immediate playlists allow tracks to be queued for immediate playback, and are useful for on-the-fly content such as song requests or special announcements.


Each playlist type has a variety of different configuration options. These are explained in detail in the Playlists section of the Reference Manual. A basic introduction to each playlist type is provided in the following sections.