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Terms of Service

By purchasing a product from Zinglo Streams as well as by using the Zinglo Streams services you agree to the following:


Help & Support: All questions, requests and/or other comments, should be sent by ticket of the official website at tickets

We only help you to get stream working from the Zinglo account

all other add-ons you buy in world like a dj board stream radio board vdj mixxx sam and more

we will not be response to these things if it isn’t working, we test the streams on 5 different pc’s, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and in more countries  if we get the  test back saying its working then its we can’t do anything more for you.

On YouTube you can find lots of videos how to start a dj set or how to config my vdj for live streaming

Stream Accounts: All Zinglo Streams stream accounts that are available in the

Second Life         Inworldz             Avination           Digiworldz         ballernation

 store come with instructions, detailed documentation and are ready to be used directly. A newly purchased stream account, creates a stream automatically/instantly on the Zinglo Streams system. The Stream account owner should follow the instructions given in the email

Stream Account Duration: Your account will expire after this period of time, if not renew

*ed before the expiration date. You get 3 emails one on 48 hrs before the end 24 hrs before the end 1.5 hrs before the end

if you buy a week or day stream you get only the 1.5 hrs before end email because we don’t like to spam your email in the email you find a url to webpage were you can find the kiosk in your world

Licensing: Zinglo Streams does not sell or cover the licensing for the music that the users (the DJs, Artists and/or Clubs) play when using the Zinglo Streams services in order to stream music to the public. The users (DJs, Artists and/or Clubs) must respect the other artists and copyrights and register to a licensing service. Zinglo Streams also does not sell or cover the licensing for the users (the DJs, Artists and/or Clubs) when they stream using commercial audio formats such as MP3 format. All users/stations are encouraged to stream using Ogg Vorbis format, which is free to use. Zinglo Streams is not obliged to pay any licensing fees regarding music licensing and copyrights as well as regarding commercial audio formats. Any user streaming music/audio using Zinglo Streams services is responsible for any kind of licensing fees that may be requested by other services, for the music that they stream as well as the audio format they use.

Stream Account Types: A "No autodj" account type is not the same as a "autodj" account type. The No autodj is live stream only you neet to stream by your self a autodj is 24/7 stream and live stream in one you buy a place on the server vrom 2GB till 20GB or more you put your music on the server and the stream is playing that 24/7 for you also you can log in tot he VDJ or maxxx or withs progam you use to dj live than the auto dj stopts and you ar live and if you stopt the auto dj start again

Uptime: The servers are always online 24/7 and the streaming server software they run never needs to be restarted. There are times where the whole system should be rebooted by an Zinglo Streams server system administrator and that is not as often as you may think it is. It may take a month, some months, or more, without a server reboot. A server reboot or service restart without a specific reason, does not offer anything regarding performance or server health. In case of a server reboot the system is back online in less than 60 seconds. This can be done only by an Zinglo Streams server system administrator and only when needed.

Streaming using Icecast: You may stream to the Zinglo Streams server using Icecast using your own/account Port number (see the SOURCE/DJ STREAM SETUP section of the Setup file). You will also need to fill in to your streaming software all the information given such as the Host, Mount, Username and Password.

Streaming using SHOUTcast: You may stream to the Zinglo Streams server using SHOUTcast, using your own/account Port number (see the SOURCE/DJ STREAM SETUP section of the Setup file). You will also need to fill in the Server/Host and Password, to your streaming software. SHOUTcast will ignore the Mount and Username.

Icecast Username: Some old or poorly developed streaming software may not give you an option to set your Username for the Icecast server. If you use such software you will not be able to stream using Icecast. The reason is that the default Icecast Username "source" should not exist for security reasons, not to mention that Usernames are unique -- not everyone can have the same Username. In this case you are advised to change streaming software, or use SHOUTcast as an alternative.

Your Upload/Upstream: Streaming audio data to the server requires a certain amount of bandwidth on your own network (i.e., your internet connection). For instance, to stream at 128kbps (kilobits per second) you need about 16K/s (kilobyte per second). A common 24Mbit ADSL line has 1Mbit Upload/Upstream, that is 125K/s. Keep your Upload as free as possible from other software other than your streaming software to avoid unwanted network lag and disconnections. In case you have a limited or bad line that cannot perform well at high quality streaming, set the kbps of your stream lower. In these cases, streaming at 96kbps should be good.

Passwords: Zinglo Streams will never ask for your Stream Password or Profile Password. Never give your stream password or profile password to anyone if you want to keep your stream and profile safe. For security reasons and in order to protect you and other users, your stream account and/or your profile may be suspended if abnormal activity gets detected.

Email Addresses:  if you don’t get your stream info in your email and not in you spam box contact us

with the ticket system and let us know you don’t get your email than we can see of it’s a banned server you use because not all the email server work on own server we recommend to use that is always working Zinglo will also never give your email to other companies or other persons only the Zinglo workers can see your email the workers of Zinglo in world cannot see your email only the real live workers of Zinglo

Old computers: SecondLife software is a 3D virtual world that requires computer resources, similar to other video games, but the 3D engine of SL is very old and does not follow basic rules that can cause even high-end computers to crash completely. Temporary computer hung-ups is something frequently experienced by every single user of SL. One of the most frequent reasons is RAM consumption. SL can easily take up all your computer's RAM, especially if it is less than 8GB. When your computer has no RAM left all weird things can happen, such as black screens, not being able to move the mouse etc. You can imagine that those moments a computer is unable to respond. If this happens while you stream music, you should not expect your music to be streamed to the outside world, once it may never reach the server. If that happens for just a moment, that moment of music may be lost and result in a gap. If it happens for many little different moments, those little different moments of music will be lost and result in many little gaps. If you can, prefer to stream using a computer that is not running SL. That can be a second computer.

Refunds: Due to the nature of the service, refunds are not possible, except very special cases. Instead, you can request a demo/limited account to try the service.

Messages/Language: All messages such as email or chat messages must be in, English language or dutch Impolite or insulting messages will be totally ignored and your stream account, as well as your profile are at risk being suspended. If such a event takes place, Zinglo Streams will re-enable your account/profile after accepting your apologies by email only.

General: The word "server" should not be confused, when referring to a server machine (a whole computer running an operating system (Linux) with various of software applications), or when referring to a server software application (a file or number of files that run on a computer such as a server machine). Zinglo Streams is not a reseller of any third party service. Zinglo Streams owns the server machines and is in full control of the bandwidth and data transfer, hard drives, databases, etc, of each server machine. Zinglo Streams runs Icecast and SHOUTcast server software applications on the server machines, 24/7. Thus, having access to your stream clearly means that you have access to the Icecast/SHOUTcast server application. Poorly setup server machines, running poorly developed server software applications, would need to run Icecast or SHOUTcast not just once, but as many times as the number of stream accounts that exist. This is something that Zinglo Streams does not do because it is a very bad practice which results in poor performance, considering the CPU and Ram load of that particular server machine. Zinglo Streams servers run 64bit Linux. Zinglo Streams does not give or sell, any kind of data stored on the server machines, to any third party. All stream source IPs are not visible to the public. All stream listener IPs are not visible to the public, neither to the stream account owners. Zinglo Streams does not limit the uplink bandwidth of the servers, neither the bandwidth of an application or stream, thus the bandwidth used by the streams is unlimited/unmetered.

Copyright: All material contained on this web site including web design, graphic design artworks and photographs, is protected under copyright law. Any kind of unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Copyright © 2014-2016 Zinglo Streams. All Rights Reserved. Zinglo is part of Spike Source